Bashful Babies


We had another scan and cervix check. All ok.

But the babies are bashful and have been hiding their faces toward their placentas. For the last two scans. UGH!

We did get a lovely belly shot, of both. Our next scan is a echosonogram so we can check on the babies’ hearts. They have 4 chambers (which has already been confirmed) but this will look for more abnormalities, if there happen to be any(though I hope they are just fine). our quad screen came back negative for neural tube defects and with a low incidence of Down’s Syndrome. It is hard to tell with twins but the DR said it is probably fairly accurate.

I am popping out like a balloon but my cervix is nice and long.

I have started to think of baby things, if I dare, like ordering the co-sleeper (eventually), or ordering cloth diapers and those newborn infant gowns.

I come from a family of Ashkenazi Jews who don’t believe in showers or setting up a nursery until babies are born healthy. Does anyone else have cultural traditions like this? Makes it rather hard to get ready for twins.


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  1. My mother is the same way…but back in the day, the new mom got to stay in the hospital for a week during which friends and family could buy what they needed. 😉 My mom always says a new baby can sleep in the top of a dresser drawer. LOL. I wonder how many babies these days would do that. Good luck with everything.

  2. I was just remembering the other day a Jewish family who ordered everything but didn’t hsve it delivered til after the twins were born. Is that allowed or not?
    Glad to hear the babies are well if a little shy:)

    • That is allowed. I guess the thinking is that it is too difficult to take things down that are set up if things don’t go well. How are you doing?

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