Northern Exposure


We are happily back from vacation. Vermont was lovely if you didn’t leave the big cities or look too hard. We arrived and it was snowing and left when it was 85 degrees! I was a fan of the fresh local ingredients and Vermonters can brew a cup of coffee! MO2 fell in love with Magic Hat #9  and we had a fun time touring the local brewery. We bought little Magic Hat t-shirts for the boys  and a cuddly bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory each.

The boys are kicking away, Rock is a morning kicker while Roll likes to kick at night. I can feel both moving frequently which feels like fizzy soda bubbles. The other night, Roll kicked so hard, my phone fell off my belly. Tomorrow the boys have their echocardiogram, so we’ll pray all goes well with that. I’ve become quite the Craiglist/Ebayer scoring a Lansinoh double breast pump with bag and attachments for $70.00 and a co-sleeper for $50.00.                           

The top pic is a church steeple in Stowe and the bottom is Lake Champlain at dusk.


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