Holding Fast


My u/s last week showed that my cerclage is holding fast and both boys are doing fine.

My modified bedrest is going as well as can be expected. I look forward to MO2 leaving every day because the house is my own and can sneak little chores in here and there that he has yet to notice. If left to his own devices, he would drive me CRAZY with the hovering. I try to do one little trip per day without excessive standing as okayed by my OB. I am also allowed to go to the movies and go to restaurants occasionally as long as I take it easy. This makes me insanely happy.

MO2 is leaving this weekend for KS to pick up DSS, so once he gets here, I will get more done because DSS can lift things for me, plus he’s damn good company. I’ve been really busy working from home and I don’t mind it at all because it gives me something to do. I go to work once per week for my u/s and try to get away with dropping off paperwork. I got yelled at however, for wearing my uniform, because putting on boots puts stress on my cervix. I prefer to wear my uniform because I get treated better but am willing to give that up.

I’ve been busy organizing the babies’ room and unpacking my Ebay purchases into their dresser. It is not really a nursery yet, we still have to take down DSS’s loft bed (he moved to the front guest bedroom) and the crib won’t be here until July. The bulk of their things are used but the stroller and car seats are new. As the oldest of 5, I realized that baby things, especially new-born items only last so long so why should they get new things? I am, however, working on my knitting so the boys will have new cardigans in the 6-9 month size. if I have time, I will try to do one for my new niece as well.


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