Finally Faces!


We had our weekly u/s visit yesterday. Cervix looks great and is getting longer (3.5 inches). I now get an every other week u/s instead of weekly! Woohoo! Yesterday was the boys’ growth scan. They are completely concordant which is great, weighing an estimated 2 lbs, 2oz respectively. Both are measuring in the 60th percentile for singletons which makes them big for twins.

The best part of the visit was finally seeing their little faces.  In baby A’s profile, he moved a bit so it looks a bit like he has 2 chins.I labeled the features for easy reference. MO2 swears A has his chin.
Baby B is a full frontal so he looks a little bit like monster baby but I still think you can see a little of his features. We are happy to finally get to see them. They are stubborn little buggers who always hide with their faces away from the camera.

These are their 26 week photos. This week they went from cephalic to transverse and so they are kicking me in new and different ways. Now they are in the bunk bed position with B on top of A, last week they head down, so it is obvious they are moving a great deal. We are under 100 days with roughly 11 weeks to go!


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