Finally-a Stroller For Two


I have been slowly purchasing baby gear for Rock and Roll. I’ve been eyeing this stroller FOREVER but it was so expensive. Imagine my joy when we found it on sale at . My Dad and Stepmother generously offered to buy it for us, with one condition. That we NOT open it and assemble it until the twins are born. In good Ashkenzai tradition, we agreed to this and it will go into the storage unit until after their birth. They also offered to buy the boys’ car seats as well.

I don’t expect a shower and I’m not registered anywhere. Part of the issue is that I can’t travel to see my friends at home and because of work limitations, I can’t have one @ work. Army officers are limited in the monetary amounts of gifts we can receive AND I am the boss. I feel fortunate to be out on bed rest so my staff can forget about me. A cake would be fine but I’m not willing to go into the grey zone for a shower. I have no objection to a friends’ shower but I highly doubt they would be able to travel to me. This is one of the things I hate about the military, the forced separation from family and friends. My SIL has had two showers already (she’s 34 weeks). I was sorry I wasn’t able to attend the formal one (a high tea that was catered) but no traveling. She received many nice things but I don’t envy all those thank you cards she will be writing! The only other good thing about forgoing the shower is that I get exactly what I want, because I buy them myself but I love a good party and that impossibility makes me feel left out.


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