In the military, when someone is super tired, we say they are smoked.

That would be me right now. I think it is the third trimester. I ended up going into work yesterday for my 3 hour gestational diabetes test (which I borderlined failed) and ended up staying until 2pm. We are in the process of redeploying 7,000 personnel in the next few months and I spent a lot of time working on that between going down for blood draws. Anyway, I came home and crashed on the sofa.

Today I took DSS to get his passport which involved 2 trips in 98 degree heat. My Mom is coming in tonight for 4 days (MO2 and DSS leave for TX Saturday morning) and due to the heat it looks like her train which is due in at 10:49pm will be at least an hour late due to heat on the tracks (is there such a thing, really)? I’m excited to see her and excited to have calm in my house and lots of knitting and sitting around to be done.

Rock and Roll are dancing around like fools most of the time and sometimes Roll who is on top pushes against my ribs pretty hard. I’ve had one REALLY bad episode of reflux but right now I am doing ok, of which I am most grateful for. It is hard to imagine I have 9 more weeks of this, provided I can keep going in one piece.


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