30 Week Update


30 weeks, I can’t believe it.

The boys are BIG. Baby A is 3lbs 12oz and B is 3lbs 8 oz. They are measuring at the 85% and 78% percentile for singletons. Their growth remains concordant which is great. Both are cephalic (still no vaginal delivery for me). They are pretty active so I wouldn’t be surprised if they continued to rock the uterus and change positions the last couple of weeks.

My cervix is shortening but not funneling. They find this to be normal as the boys get heavier. My cerclage is still holding.  I was given the first of two steroid shots in case of premature labor (not necessary but my OB is cautious). I’m carrying 7  lbs of baby, no wonder I’m tired.

 Bad news is I DO have gestational diabetes (borderline on 1 hr and 3 hour). Sadly, the diet can’t begin until Monday in earnest because the steroid shots mess up your sugars 🙂 I do have to go in tomorrow to get my second shot and pick up my glucometer. Then I have a bunch of classes to attend. Hopefully, all will continue to go well and I can hold steady until 36/37 weeks. I will schedule my C section @ the 32 week appt.

I’m holding up physically. No horrendous pain and only 1 really bad episode of reflux. I’m taking it really easy. I do have some edema in my hands and feet but if I keep them elevated, it seems to be ok. I move veerrryyy slowly these days. Of course it is the hottest summer in the SE  in 30 years but air conditioning is my friend.

So, I’ll just wait it out and keep these boys cooking. Bake babies bake.


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