32 Week Update


C-Section scheduled!  19 August will be 37 weeks and 1 day and that is our magic date.

 I have to get through 5 more weeks and I am hoping, hoping that this goes fast as I am so exhausted and miserable. My eyes almost popped out of my head when he said, “well we could go to 38 weeks.” I was hoping for 36. BUT, I know that every second they are in me is better for them. I should go in on a thursday and come out on a Sunday if all goes well. I’ve been stocking up on nursing pjs and the horrifically large, multiples + my breast friend pillow. Even the name makes me cringe!

Both boys are head down but after two back surgeries and a myoectomy, I’m not going to risk a rupture with a vag delivery so C it is! I need to find a ticker for C-section count down. LOL!

I’m still struggling with gestational diabetes and had to add glyburide in the evening because my fasting blood sugar is high (the rest of the day is fine). I start non-stress tests twice a week until I deliver. somehow my OB does not think I will go into premature labor.

So that is the latest. Boys are kicking around and I pee every 2 hours at night. I think it is nature’s way of preppping me for twins!


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