Welcome to the World, Rock and Roll!


July surprise! Our sons; Rock and Roll were born at 4:14 pm and 4:16pm July 21st (exactly 33 weeks). They are now 1 week old. Rock weighed in a 5 lbs and 13 oz and Roll was 5 lbs, 2 oz. Both are still in the NICU getting bigger and stronger but at this point, we are extremely hopeful they will be home with us in 4-5 weeks. Both are doing well and have great fighting spirits. They are presently feeding on breast milk and formula through an ng tube. I’m pleased that they are doing well but we realize it will take time. We think of it as a “sneak preview” of our babies.

I developed HELP syndrome (severe pre-e without much warning) and they made the decision to deliver immediately. It was so quick that we didn’t have time to call anyone before the surgery, except our bosses. I am also so thankful that my husband was monitoring my symptoms (especially after I had been blown off at my monday NST) and made me get an appointment. I truly believe that his vigilance saved our lives because he noticed the miniscule changes that everyone else chalked up to twin pregnancy.

Once MO2 insisted I get seen and they ran labs, it was an hour after the labs came back and I was prepped for surgery. We didn’t have time to call anyone except for our collective bosses. We got the labs back at 2:30 and I was in surgery by 3:30. I didn’t even have time to freak out, although I wanted to. The picture above was taken after I heard their first cries, I was so relieved.
I delivered at the hospital where we work and I have to say that despite of the crummy events, my care since surgery has been excellent. I’m still pretty puffy but we are hoping the edema and GD will begin to dissipate. We love visiting with the boys and will start our collective maternity/paternity leave when they come home.


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  1. Congratulations! They are gorgeous! You’re glowing and look absolutely overjoyed. You would never guess the ordeal you went through. Thank God you are all healthy and safe. Wishing you a quick recovery, and a healthy and happy rock and roll at home soon. I’m so thrilled for you!

  2. Congratulations! So glad that MO2 was able to see that you needed to see someone right away. Hope you have a speedy recovery and they are home quickly.

  3. OMG! how did I miss this?! Congrats and well done to DH for figuring out you were sick! You all look great! Hang in there!

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