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Sleep is the New Sex


For Us, not them. They are working on sleep training or maybe it is training us.

Currently, they eat at midnight and at 3 am. They then usually sleep until 7.  Presently their diet is  both expressed breast milk and formula.  I am hoping to eliminate either the 3 am or 12 am feedings in the next 3 weeks. We are following the book, “12 Hours by 12 weeks.” Has anyone read this?  

So far, it is working very well albeit slowly.The only issue is when they start screaming at the same time. That’s when we get creative, either giving one an ounce or two take the edge off or holding one while feeding and rocking the other in the car seat. Can we say ear plugs? Great fun in the middle of the night but it does inspire creative thinking.  Their schedule will change next week when they go to day care.

 Blessed, beautiful daycare! Can I tell you how excited I am?  I need to feel competent at something again and I miss interacting with adults. We’ve had some rough days and it will be nice to have a break. Any time I’m away from them, I miss them terribly so I imagine I will be so glad to see them @ the end of the day. I am tired of trying to do work at home between feeding and cleaning (75% of what I do all day) and it will give MO2 and I time to have adult lunches and get errands done without babies. This will give us more time to devote to them once we get home.

Sounds like a plan… we shall see.

They’re sleeping. Let’s hope it lasts!


Thinking of You


We are in DC visiting family while MO2 is at a course. Rock and Roll have been getting much Babbo and Nona time and tomorrow we head north to see Mormor and our new niece, Ms. Amelia!

I had much to say today, pithy remarks about my lack of sleep. Then I read Sprogblogger’s post. She has lost her 4 year old nephew. There are no words only prayers. I hugged my boys a little tighter and prayed for Susan and her family.

Sleep…What’s That?


Wow it has been a long time since I posted. I just wrote this post and it disapeared…damn.

Anyway, the boys have been home for 3 weeks now and we are coping. We have had to adjust to a decided lack of sleep and several organizational challenges ( how to get things done with two little people in the house who need to eat every 3 hours). We haven’t had any help although my Mom is coming for a visit next week. Part of me is afraid of the help, I don’t want to become dependent on it so I will miss it when it leaves…does that make sense?

We are formula and breast feeding, well actually pumping. The pumping is a bitter sweet issue. I both love the idea that I can produce some milk for my babies but I hate the time commitment it requires. I have a pump with a car adapter and I pump in the car I have no shame) and in the house. The Lactation Consultant at the hospital wanted me to pump every hour (are you freakin’ kidding me)?  MO2 called her the boob nazi. I try to pump every 3 hours and drink copious amounts of Mother’s Milk tea and take domperidone which I get from Canada by way of Fiji. I wish my guys would nurse but I don’t have the hours of time it would take. It makes me sad but I figure some Bm is better than none.

Our guys are doing swimmingly. They are both little butter balls, gaining weight like there is no tomorrow. They did beautifully at their nutritional follow up and developmental appointment. so far, there are very little, if any delays. We have learned that we can take them places with a lot of organization and relative ease. So far, we’ve been to two restaurants, the grocery store, Walmart, the hospital and a consignment sale. We broke down and got a double snap and go from Craigslist and it makes a ton of difference. You just snap the car seats in and go! We also use the baby carriers we got from Etsy (check out loveyduds). We use the carriers when we need to use our hands or when there are crowded conditions. I highly recommend them and our guys love them. We are lucky to have relatively easy babies.

MO2 goes back to work next week and I’m off until the beginning of October. Every day I spend with the guys adds to my confidence which is terrific. I just look forward to sleeping through the night!