Sleep is the New Sex


For Us, not them. They are working on sleep training or maybe it is training us.

Currently, they eat at midnight and at 3 am. They then usually sleep until 7.  Presently their diet is  both expressed breast milk and formula.  I am hoping to eliminate either the 3 am or 12 am feedings in the next 3 weeks. We are following the book, “12 Hours by 12 weeks.” Has anyone read this?  

So far, it is working very well albeit slowly.The only issue is when they start screaming at the same time. That’s when we get creative, either giving one an ounce or two take the edge off or holding one while feeding and rocking the other in the car seat. Can we say ear plugs? Great fun in the middle of the night but it does inspire creative thinking.  Their schedule will change next week when they go to day care.

 Blessed, beautiful daycare! Can I tell you how excited I am?  I need to feel competent at something again and I miss interacting with adults. We’ve had some rough days and it will be nice to have a break. Any time I’m away from them, I miss them terribly so I imagine I will be so glad to see them @ the end of the day. I am tired of trying to do work at home between feeding and cleaning (75% of what I do all day) and it will give MO2 and I time to have adult lunches and get errands done without babies. This will give us more time to devote to them once we get home.

Sounds like a plan… we shall see.

They’re sleeping. Let’s hope it lasts!


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