All Hail the Halo Sleep Sack


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Thanks to the halo Swaddle sleep sack my boys slept through the night ( from 2200-0500)!

I have been working on sleep training but it has been tough. The boys were waking at midnight and 3am to feed (keep in mind that we get up at 0430 so a 3 am feed is kind of tough.) We mentioned this @ daycare and they said the boys love the Halo sleep sack with swaddle feature (and sleep through most of the day at day care unfortunately). Basically it is a little baby straight jacket. Day care uses the sleep sack in lieu of bedding. Roll has the ability to escape from any baby origami feature so we thought we could at least try the halo.

The night we tried, MO2 was sick so I thought it might give me some relief from solo feedings. We put the boys down at 1000 and I had to wake.them.up at 0500!!! Now the. second night, Roll slept through but Rock got up to feed at 0230. I hope this is the beginning of a positive sleep trend because I feel like a zombie @ work.

I think I will buy stock in halo!

BTW, sorry to be such a lousy blogger lately. The military bans all blogs so I have to either type from home ( what free time)? or tap it out on my iPhone like I am doing now


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