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 My Mother breastfed my brother and me.

She told me when I picked up a cup at 12 months, she cried.

Ages and ages ago, I made fun of that statement. But now I understand.  I breast feed both boys but in different ways. Roll is BF the traditional way, he is a good nurser, I call him, “shark.”

Rock is too impatient, he gets expressed breast milk averaging about 8 oz per day. I wish I could produce enough milk to BF them exclusively…but I’m of the opinion that some BM is better than none. I will be sad when I give this time up with them. My goal is to make it until they are 1.

I use motillum (domperidone) which I think sounds a lot like dom perignon, which is what it is known as in our home. I buy it off the internet from Fiji which feels both exotic and illicit at the same time. I pump about 3 times per day during the week and have 1-2 fresh feedings with Roll. During the weekends, I only pump one feeding.

BF has been a journey, both frustrating and beautiful. I’m glad I never gave it up, even when pumping was all-consuming and tough. I think I will cry when these guys are ready to stop. Mom, I understand now.


Traveling With Twins


We took the boys to visit their relatives in TX last weekend. This involved 2 plane trips each way (Raleigh to Atlanta) and (Atlanta to Dallas). The traveling went very well. Here’s what worked:
1. We wore the babies in their slings and rented car seats to go with our rental car. That way, we only schlepped one bag plus the baby back pack (carry on). It was easy to travel with them without carrying a lot of stuff and wearing the babies made us way more agile than pushing a stroller.
2. On take off and landing, we made sure the babies were sucking either a bottle or paci. This helped keep their ears from bothering them. We actually received compliments on their behavior from fellow passengers. The best one was, “I didn’t know they were on the plane.”
3. My SIL borrowed a swing from her church nursery for Rock who is addicted to his swing. I bought cheap used bouncy seats from my SIL’s house for the babies to sit in off EBay and had them delivered prior to our arrival. They were cheap enough to be donated to the church nursery upon our departure ( I think I paid $10.00 each).
4. We brought our individual formula container and empty bottles on the carry on. I just got water at the airport.
What didn’t work:
1. We weren’t able to sit together because of a lack of oxygen masks. Apparently 2 babies in lap in two seater grouping doesn’t work for the airline. This was not helpful and we wish we knew it ahead of time. Mo2 and Roll ended up sitting away from me, awkward.

So there you have it. It IS possible to travel with babies as long as you are organized. Next week we have a 5 hour car trip North for Thanksgiving. We’ve done the trip before so it shouldn’t be too tough but you can bet we are not taking the twins anywhere near the mall on Black Friday!

Down for the Count


We had our first bout with illness. MO2 has been busy administering the flu vaccine to the entire hospital and managed to bring some evil respiratory illness which made it’s round through our entire household. MO2 was the first and then me and the boys.
The good thing- when your kids are sick, you don’t need a quarters slip. I stayed home with them which may not have been a good thing because I didn’t get any rest! I might have fared better if they had gone to day care and I had stayed home! Oh well, you live you learn!