My Mother breastfed my brother and me.

She told me when I picked up a cup at 12 months, she cried.

Ages and ages ago, I made fun of that statement. But now I understand.  I breast feed both boys but in different ways. Roll is BF the traditional way, he is a good nurser, I call him, “shark.”

Rock is too impatient, he gets expressed breast milk averaging about 8 oz per day. I wish I could produce enough milk to BF them exclusively…but I’m of the opinion that some BM is better than none. I will be sad when I give this time up with them. My goal is to make it until they are 1.

I use motillum (domperidone) which I think sounds a lot like dom perignon, which is what it is known as in our home. I buy it off the internet from Fiji which feels both exotic and illicit at the same time. I pump about 3 times per day during the week and have 1-2 fresh feedings with Roll. During the weekends, I only pump one feeding.

BF has been a journey, both frustrating and beautiful. I’m glad I never gave it up, even when pumping was all-consuming and tough. I think I will cry when these guys are ready to stop. Mom, I understand now.


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