Christmas Card


Happy Holidays To You! Here is the photo of Rock & Roll that we used on our holiday card. It is so nice to have a Christmas Card with babies in it, I never thought we’d get there. For those of you going through the hell of infertility. Have faith.

Things are going well for us and the boys. Roll actually rolled the other day. Naturally this happened two days in a row at day care, so we missed it but I’m sure we’ll get to see it eventually. Rock is a little slower to move, probably because he has more weight and is not as agile as his brother. They are 4 months now and finally sleeping about 12 hours, they go to bed between 7-8 and sleep until about 5 am. Everything looks developmentally on target and we are so lucky. We feel especially blessed that they are healthy and hearty for 33 week preemies.

We are busy getting ready for our upcoming move. Our house has been a flurry of activity with painting and sprucing before it goes on the market (which actually starts today).I really hope we sell it without too much of a loss, I own two houses and probably would really stretch it if I had to turn it into a rental.  I will never buy again while I’m in the military, it is just too much stress.

I hope all is well and that everyone has terrific holiday season!


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  1. Cute card!!! They are adorable! How did you get them sleeping through the night? Im impressed! Good luck on the sale and moving!

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