First Showing


Our house went on the market on Weds.

We had our first showing today. We were just headed off to MO2’s supervisor’s holiday open house when we got the call. We ran home and tidied the place up a bit (we’ve been working really hard to keep things neat) and then went off the the party.

I sent the buyer’s agent some email asking for feedback. I just was wondering if she had any hints of us for future showings. Our house isn’t perfect, it’s small and quirky like old houses are (it was built in 1927) but it has beautiful plaster walls and high ceilings and photographs beautifully. It would be a good house for a young family, a single or retireees (it is all one level). I really want to sell it and not have to turn it into a rental. I already own another rental up North and I don’t want to separate properties in two different states.

Do you think it was ok to ask for feedback?


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  1. Hmmmm…. I wish I knew. Do you have an agent too? Often agents like to discuss that kind of thing between themselves. But I guess it might depend on the disposition of thebuyersagent. Good luck! The house sounds lovely!

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