Daily Life With Twins, part 1-Sleep


Sleep. My kids sleep through the night.

I wish I could take credit for this but it seems to be their nature. We did follow a sleep training book somewhat.

Here is how it works for us:

R & R go to bed between 7 and 8 pm. Bedtime consists a few things…

1. Pajamas/sleep sack. My kids don’t normally wear footed onsies as clothes so we put them in the onesie at bedtime and also the halo sleep sack (the one with the vest)  at night. It is the only time they wear the sleep sack and I like to think it is a mental cue for them to wind down. All diapers are changed before bed and I never change in the night unless they are poopy.

2. Sleep signs. My guys exhibit clear sleep cues. Both get cranky and Rock and Roll turn their faces away from us in their seats. Rock rubs his blanket against his face and Roll puts his Dad’s scarf up over his eyes. Both tend to be wiggly and fussy. That is our cue to know they are tired.

3. Food.  A bottle for Rock and a smaller bottle and BF for Roll (Rock does not have interest in BF, never has). The bottle has rice cereal in it, about 1 tablespoon. They rarely get up in the night to eat. Rock’s bottle is about 5 ounces, Roll’s is about 3 oz plus the breast milk.

4. Places to fall asleep. Roll normally falls asleep in my arms while BFing. He also will fall asleep in his bed but it takes longer. Because we have twins, I usually let them fall asleep separately (I doubt this will work later). Rock falls asleep in his bouncy chair with his favorite knitted white blanket. Roll’s fave is a cashmere scarf, go figure… I’m an absolute nazi about nothing in the crib but the baby so the boys don’t go to sleep with their transitional objects. ever. We offer pacis at bedtime. Once they are asleep, into their respective cribs they go and other than checking, that’s it.

If they have a cry out (lost paci or dream), we go in and replace paci and stroke their head and then we leave. We don’t turn on lights, we don’t talk to them. If they do get up (normally between 0500-0600) we give them their bottle/BF cuddle them during the bottle/BF, keep the lights and tv sounds down during the feeding, burp and put back to bed.

Nighttime is usually easy in our house….unless someone is sick and then it is MUCH tougher. The other thing that makes our nights easier…the boys sleep in their room, not in ours (unless they are sick and NEVER in our bed). Because our house is small, we have a monitor but don’t use it. We keep both bedroom doors open. I always hear them (I’m a light sleeper, thanks Uncle Sam) and we all sleep better.

Day to day care, not so easy…more on that in the next post


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