Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bye to the Boob


So I’ve officially moved. Left Ft LivingRoom and headed for the National Capitol Region.

Our first foray into house hunting ( for a rental mind you) went badly. Very badly. Our real estate agent had a conflict last Friday when we had a sitter and referred us to someone else. Who then referred us again to someone else. We were supposed to find a rental property in 3 hours. That’s right, 3 hours. Are you freaking kidding? We had to listen to her blabble about what a hot rental market DC/VA/MD is. Must be because someone beat us to our rental application knocking us out of the running for the house we wanted. So now we start over this Sunday with our original agent. I’m hoping to fond something tolerable. A house at this point would work.

Our move went pretty well. We were packed and loaded the same day ( we
Moved 13,000.00 lbs). The house keepers did a move out clean and we handed in the key to our real estate agents for future showings. Only one offer so far but not so good.

In the midst of the chaos, I decided to stop pumping. I was down to an ounce and a half per pump and Roll, my BF buddy, has been on a nursing strike for the last 3 weeks. I feel really sad about this but I did BF (although not exclusively) for 7 months. I wanted to make a year but circumstances are what they are. I miss the pumping but I also don’t miss being chained to the pump. I am melancholy and liberated at once, sort of like Gloria Steinem in the later years.

We are now enjoying historic Williamsburg with the kiddos. We took the boys to an overpriced tavern for dinner and I’m sure the other diners were cringing when they saw the babies. True to form my kids were great in public and fell asleep in their mobys. This makes up for the hours of screaming in the car on the way up here. MO2 drove our truck and I drove the CRV with boys. After the ride for 4 hours, I was ready for some diazepam for all of us.

On a really bright note, my friend Gina found out she is preggo today with a whopping 409 beta 13dpo. Gina, a single mother by choice, got knocked up on her first Iui! Lucky dog. We had a good time picking our her sperm donor in the California Cryobank catalog. Her donor (a proven one- this was my contribution to the ” knock Gina up” campaign) looks like Ryan Kwanten (not too shabby) but most importantly seems really solid and well rounded. Think good doubling thoughts for her. Good Luck, Gina!




We go north to house hunt this weekend. We plan to rent, no more home buying for us. My lovely stepmother has volunteered to watch the boys so we don’t have to schlep them while we look at houses. We are moving our cat this weekend. He will stay with Babbo & Nona until we head north next Friday. That way he won’t be freaked out by the packers/movers.

The boys got day care slots on post in the same room! The stars must have aligned for that! Off post day care is roughly 3k monthly for both. We pay about $1100 now per month for both kids. Luckily the fee is standard so that is what we will pay there ( a bargain).

I loathe moving!!!! I loathe home sales. We’ve had lots of showings and one low ball offer. My real estate agent is confident the house will sell…it takes a toll on my moods, I’m more snippy than usual. I think I’ll feel better once we find a rental….

Boys are doing well although Roll has a fever. Roll is starting to crawl and Rock rolls to get from place to place. Both did well on their developmental screenings at 6 months. Rock weighed 19.5 lbs (aptly named) and Roll was 17.1 lbs. Both are starting to work on sitting independently.

It is bittersweet to be moving. In typical military fashion, we have tons of friends now so of course, it is time to go. Luckily, we have friends where we are headed but it is still hard to leave people behind. We are starting to work diligently on planning the boys’ baptism in June. Hopefully many of our friends here will be able to attend.

Two of my friends had IUIs last week so I am thinking of them in their 2 ww. Send them (Debbie & Gina) good thoughts and send some for us that we can get through the move!