We go north to house hunt this weekend. We plan to rent, no more home buying for us. My lovely stepmother has volunteered to watch the boys so we don’t have to schlep them while we look at houses. We are moving our cat this weekend. He will stay with Babbo & Nona until we head north next Friday. That way he won’t be freaked out by the packers/movers.

The boys got day care slots on post in the same room! The stars must have aligned for that! Off post day care is roughly 3k monthly for both. We pay about $1100 now per month for both kids. Luckily the fee is standard so that is what we will pay there ( a bargain).

I loathe moving!!!! I loathe home sales. We’ve had lots of showings and one low ball offer. My real estate agent is confident the house will sell…it takes a toll on my moods, I’m more snippy than usual. I think I’ll feel better once we find a rental….

Boys are doing well although Roll has a fever. Roll is starting to crawl and Rock rolls to get from place to place. Both did well on their developmental screenings at 6 months. Rock weighed 19.5 lbs (aptly named) and Roll was 17.1 lbs. Both are starting to work on sitting independently.

It is bittersweet to be moving. In typical military fashion, we have tons of friends now so of course, it is time to go. Luckily, we have friends where we are headed but it is still hard to leave people behind. We are starting to work diligently on planning the boys’ baptism in June. Hopefully many of our friends here will be able to attend.

Two of my friends had IUIs last week so I am thinking of them in their 2 ww. Send them (Debbie & Gina) good thoughts and send some for us that we can get through the move!


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  1. congrats on the boys good progress. Moving does suck and you must have to do it a lot. I agree, renting is the thing, owning not so much!
    Good luck on the house sale – I hope you get a good offer soon!

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