We Made It!!!


We’ve been in our new home for almost 2 weeks now.

It is slowly coming along. We lucked out and got housing on post, which is convenient for MO2 (not really for me) and the boys are ensconced on post day care. The housing is not too bad, 4 bed rooms, built in study, fenced back yard and quiet street. Our housing area was recently (and some blocks still are) being refurbished. We are actually in an enlisted neighborhood on the only officer street. As an upgrade we have granite counter tops and hardwood floors where the enlisted soldiers do not. There is a playground right outside my back gate and they are building a new community center a block away complete with pool, massive playground and gym. It is nice to hear children playing. The other day, I saw the school bus go by and counted nearly 60 (yes, you read that right) kids waiting for the bus. The neighbors seem friendly although I think (again), I am the only wife on the street that works outside the home and the only female officer. It is all branches housing which means I have neighbors from the Coast Guard, Chair (I mean Air) Force and Navy. One of the husbands is the on the Presidential Protection Detail which is kind of interesting and so he was off to work last night wearing a little microphone on his jacket. His wife asked MO2 if he was a “stay at home Daddy” (most men don’t wear their hair that short for fashion) and the proceeded to say (after finding out we were dual military), “oh, I could NEVER leave my babies in daycare,” which made me want to kick her. But stupid comments aside, everyone seems nice.

The boys’ daycare is friendly although I am not thrilled with the fact that the boys are in the infant/toddler room. (At our last post, they were in the infant room only). Although the staff does a good job keeping them safe from the toddlers, they have managed to be sick constantly since we got here (what could I expect, new germs and all). We’ve had conjunctivitis, ear infections and bronchitis (did I mention we’ve been here for a couple of weeks)? I’m hoping the warm weather will help keep away the disease boogeyman and pretty soon it will all calm down.


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