They both have ’em…Rock on bottom left and Roll on bottom right. Rock who is more sensitive to pain (read more wimpy than his brother) had major teething symptoms with drooling, fussiness and general malaise. We were so busy attending to his needs that we didn’t even notice his brother’s tooth (oops) which arrived with much less drama!

Roll is crawling, everywhere. It is sort of what we term, a “low crawl” but he is FAST. We had to put up a gate to keep him out of the kitchen which he hates and he crawls over to the gate, rattles it and screams his displeasure. They told us yesterday they had a tough time containing him at day care, he was all over the room. Rock is up on his hands and knees and sways back & forth. He rolls to get from point A to B. I think it is just a matter of time.


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