My new job takes some getting used to… I have 3 different offices. One in MD, One in VA, one at home.

My schedule looks something like this: Monday (VA), Tuesday & Weds (MD), Thursday & Friday (telework due to lack of office space and DOD initiative).

Tuesday and Weds suck the most but are the most interesting. I get up at 4 am. Shower then I get up both boys, dress them and feed them. I’m out the door by 0530 and in the office by 0630 (traffic permitting). I work until about 1500 and then head home. On a good day, I don’t have to work once I arrive at the house.

I work for a Department of Defense think tank with a bunch of clinicians. It is my job to take the theoretical and translate into doable ideas. I also run a big conference and write articles for publication in military manuals (yawn). Yesterday, I spent the entire day with my team writing a behavioral health response to Japan which we found out about at 0830 and got done early last evening. It is interesting but I feel like I am running around in circles most of the time. thursday is my favorite day of the week because I am able to sleep in until 0545. isn’t that sad?


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