Why I Will NEVER, EVER Vote Republican!!!



You F%&*% bet I am!

How dare the Republicans use abortion as a leverage on the budget.

I would never, ever vote for a party that would use their personal agenda to harm others. I don’t love abortion. It is a difficult choice but ultimately a woman should have a right to make that choice. Even if abortion is outlawed, it will still happen, and unsafely, just as it always has. That is a very sad reality.

How you can take care of existing live children if you don’t pay their parents? Our enlisted families can’t go more than two weeks without being paid. I can’t go to work unless I can afford child care for my kids. Who gives them the right to stop the pay of an Army at war? Are they kidding? Really?

And let me ask you this…does the Republican party think the military would support them after these shenanigans? If you could hear the water cooler talk, you realize that statements about supporting troops if complete and total BS. We won’t forget it at election time.


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  1. Good for you! speak out! This whole drama has kind of crept up on my radar a bit late and the truth of it feels so surreal! Ugh!!! I’m sorry this is affecting you and hope they come to their senses!!!

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