Toughing It Out


The Rock and Rollster had a lovely Easter holiday. Everything was gorgeous and in bloom, including their allergies.

After two days of walking around in their stroller, my guys have itchy eyes, coughing and general stuffiness. Enter MO2’s colleague and her lovely idea about zyrtec. Thanks to Kelly and meds, they are much better. While on leave, the subject came up on sleep. My guys who used to sleep through the night hadn’t been doing so since we moved. Our nights, as of late, have included Rock sleeping by the side of our bed in his car seat (he’s obsessed with it) and Roll sleeping in our bed (horror of horrors). They’ve been put down for a long as we can remember, in their car seats or bouncers and then we carry them upstairs. Problem is that this is dependent on their schedule, not ours. Rock who is especially hard to put down, needed to be rocked in his car seat, vigorously, until he went to sleep. (Now keep in mind that they go to bed between 7-8pm, it is really not bad but we lost the hour or so rocking the rock, so to speak.)

Enter MO2’s cry it out technique. This week the boys have been going to bed. in their.cribs.

The first night, Rock screamed for 1.5 hours, Roll for 45 minutes
The second night, Rock screamed for 45 min, Roll for 30 min (but they slept through)
The third night, both were down after 15 minutes of screaming (slept through again). Hooray! (though I dare write this because it might jinx it).

We go in every minutes and reassure and pat bottoms so it is not like we let them scream alone, but we shut their bedroom door. It is a fantastic feeling when it works, even if you have to wear ear plugs leading up to it.


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