Monthly Archives: August 2011

Time to Say Goodbye


I hate it when blogs leave you hanging…

I always wonder what happens to the family. But life moves on and so do we. For a while, I’ve been considering how to say good-bye. We are all doing well. It is hard to believe but Rock and Roll are one now and thriving. We are talking (just a few words here and there) and cruising with a quickness (there is a big fondness for all things electronic, especially the television clicker). They are bright, funny, inquisitive, handsome. All I’ve ever dreamed of and more. Our life is full and rich with a sweetness I’ve never experienced before.

If you come upon this blog looking for experiences with donor eggs, I would say do it, you will be rewarded many times over. In fact, I’d do it again if I had a spare 30k and/or happen to win the lottery.

I am so happy with this decision and our wonderful boys. I am going to disappear into the blogosphere although you can always contact me through this blog if you have questions or comments. I’ll leave it up because it may help someone else.

For now, we say goodbye or in the military, further down the road.