Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Baby


Is measuring 7 weeks, 2 days and has a strong heart beat. We are much relieved. I was so anxious to see if there was a heart beat given our previous miscarriage. They were very kind and did an early u/s yesterday so ensure the baby was developing appropriately.. As we are doing CVS testing, we probably know the gender in about 6-8 weeks. please keep your fingers and toes crossed for baby bean!


Quick Update


My first OB appointment is scheduled for 27 September because that is the earliest they could get me in. That was after I had a consult for a high risk pg, I will be almost 8 weeks. i don’t even think I rate an u/s that date, it is just a “fill out this intake paperwork” date. I may get desperate and beg the nurse for an u/s. I don’t think people get the idea about what infertility does to your frame of mind unless you hit them over the head with it.

My imaginary conversation would be like “42-year-old, pregnant with own eggs, infertility survivor. Pull out dildo cam with a quickness now!” But who knows how long I will have to wait…

My beta today was 3914 so I guess we are doing well, I need to calm down and breathe.

Back So Soon?


Yes, I never thought be back, so soon. You see the plan was for us was to use donor embryos for our next pregnancy. We had picked out a site (New Mexico Center for Reproductive Medicine) to start with our donor embryos maybe next summer. That was the plan and then…

My period was five days late when I took this test. I’ve only been late twice in my life; once in college and once in grad school-during exams. I thought the lateness was early menopause? But my boobs hurt. I started screaming when the lines came up on the test and they did immediately. MO2 thought something was wrong and came flying up the stairs, and when I handed him the test, he just started laughing.

What a shock. My first beta was 434.5, the second one in exactly 48 hours was 710.5 (not exactly doubling but still within the 48-72 hour mark and went up 60%.

Now remember, these are my eggs, my 42-year-old eggs. This may mean that this is not a viable pregnancy and there is no way of knowing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But folks, miracles do happen and if the only miracle I get is a natural BFP with my old unexplained infertility self, I’ll take just that moment. In it, I finally felt normal.