Sad but Not Unexpected


It seems baby bean has passed away. We went into our OB appointment today only to discover there was no heart beat, which of course is a repeat nightmare for me. It is very hard to explain but I have been kind of expecting this. All of the women I know over 40 who have been pregnant with their own eggs have had miscarriages. It should seem logical that we aren’t any different. I’m sad but mostly empty. I’m just glad I can hug Rock and Roll tight. Perhaps will continue with our embryo adoption plan. Thank you for all the love and support. 


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  1. I’m so sorry:(
    I tried to comment yesterday but my I pad wouldn’t let me.
    I know you were wary about the outcome of this pregnancy, but I’m so sorry that your hopes were dashed and your little bean died. Big hugs.
    Good luck with the embryo adoption going forward. Did you do donor embryos with Rock and Roll or donor egg?
    Take care of yourself and definitely hug Rock and Roll extra tight:)

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