Thank you


I wanted to send a quick note to thank you all for your words of comfort, they are much appreciated! I am doing ok. we decided to do the planned m/c route with the medication as it better for the uterus than a D & C (although the idea of sedation and good drugs had me with happy thoughts). It was not as bad as last time, probably because I took two percocet when I inserted the meds as a precaution.

We had a lot of discussion with the DR and all are in agreement that this was probably an egg quality issue. We plan to go ahead and use NMCRM for adopted embryos. Once I get back from vacation to MO2’s family next week, I’ll move ahead with that although I am thinking that I don’t want to have another baby until the boys are 2.

It gives me time to lose weight and get my back pain worked on. I had to cancel my last steroid injection because of the pregnancy (which I have to say was really uncomfortable because I couldn’t take meds) so I’m on board for my next back procedure on 2 November. I am hopefully moving toward the implanted pain pump which will hopefully get me retired as a lieutenant colonel from the military, one can hope. In the meantime, we’ll use the time to pay off bills.


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  1. Sounds like you have a good plan. That back pain is nothing to sniff at – hope you get some relief. Thinking of you and hoping you are recovering well and without too much pain – although I know it’s inevitable that there is pain.
    Good luck:)
    I hope this means your blogging will continue:)

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