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Embryo Donation (not as easy as people think)


So they’ve caught on to me…. Word Press is no longer loading on my work computer. Damn! Well, I will just tap this out on my phone….sigh.

I am in the waiting mode. My OB intake is next Monday and I am not even sure if they will do an u/s. My clinic wants one done at 7 weeks. I think here they don’t want one done until 11 weeks, so we shall see. Most days I don’t really feel pregnant. My boobs hurt and sometimes when I get up quickly I get twinges on my ligaments but that’s about it. I guess I should feel lucky I don’t have m/s but it would make me feel better if I did!

What this post is really about is how we ended up using donor embryos to begin with. There are a lot of people in the embie donation community that would want you to believe there are thousands of embryos available for donation in the US. Truth is, not really. There are thousands of people who do have embryos frozen but they aren’t typically giving them up. If they are, there may be a reason, primarily that they don’t want to pay fees for storage or that they are a 1) large number of embryos (12+) or a very small number ( 1 embryo) that people won’t want to risk paying the transfer fees for 4k+….

There are several routes of embryo donation. Here are the main ones…
1. Donated to a clinic or program
2. Private donation ( like giving a friend your unused embryos)
3. Private donation through a third party like a web group like Miracles Waiting
4. Creating embryos to be used in a donor program ( using donor sperm/egg ).
I think that is about it. In subsequent posts, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of each.


Yet Another Beta-But First One This Time


So today’s beta at 14dpo is….


A lot higher than we thought it would be. I went back and checked the boys’ beta and at 16dpo they were 338 which puts us slightly higher than our last DE cycle.

So the question is…is this another set of twins? I think it is too early to tell. I am interested to see what happens with the next one on Monday.

Where Have I Been?


So I am embarrassed to admit that I had stopped blogging primarily because WP was blocked on government computers. If I can’t something done during the day when I am most alert, then it will NOT be getting done at night. The exception to this rule is housework (cleaning, cooking, etc…).My evening time is pretty limited and I can barely get the essentials knocked out. Such is the life of a Mom of twins.

So in the months since I left you a few things have remained the same and others have changed. Rock & Roll continue to be fabulous, handsome and intelligent boys and boy are they BUSY. Wow. They run.climb.fall.laugh talk.yell all at the same time. It is hard to believe they will be 2 next month. Wow 2, Where has the time gone?

I have a new job back in a military hospital that doesn’t ban WP, I got a spinal cord stimulator put in my back, MO2 is going to a military school in September for 2 months and I’m pregnant again.

You read that right. I am very early, tomorrow is my official beta but I’ve had 3 + HPTs (just because I’m obsessed with darkening lines). Last weds we transferred two¬†expanded blasts (donor embryo) so hopefully we will ¬†not be having twins again and will end up with a nice healthy little bean. If we do have twins, at least, we know what we are doing.

Donor embryos are not a simple post, so I can go into them in greater detail in later.

So fingers crossed for a nice beta tomorrow!