Shock & Awe


I’m not really sure how I feel about having twins again…

I was looking forward to a singleton pregnancy because it clearly has less complications than a twin pregnancy. I am being monitored very closely. They’ve done a baseline of pre-eclampsia labs that I will repeat every two weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy. I have bi-monthly ultrasounds. I am on a bunch of supplements; iron, folic acid, calcium, prenatals… not to mention I’m still on progesterone and delestrogen until the 9th of August. I already have gestational diabetes so I am on the diet and glucophage. Oh and if there are not enough things to take, they added colace!

I have to admit I was suspicious of twins when my blood sugar wouldn’t behave. I am not a diabetic, except it seems when I am pregnant. I knew something had changed when the doctor said, “there has been a lot of growth…”

I am kind of dreading telling my family. My Mother is not super enthusiastic about pregnancy or large families. My lovely SIL who is 8 months with her second received a very blah reaction when my brother announced her + positive pregnancy test back at XMAS. My Mother I’m sure won’t have anything pleasant to say and I’m really not sure how to tell her. I will say, in her defense, that she does love her grandchildren. I think most people will think we are crazy. MO2 will be gone from mid-September to mid-November for a military school he is dreading. So it will be me and the boys. I’m sure it will be fine but as I get bigger, I will be able to do less. I am already working on lifting them less, however, I don’t think they got the memo.

It looks like we will have to move. With both boys, me and DSS who moved in permanently in April we are getting crowded. There are 5 bedrooms available but we have to be on the waiting list. Typically they won’t move pregnant women until 7 months, but there is a lilelihood that the new set will be here by then. I got a letter from my DR and hopefully they will do an exception to policy so we can move sooner as opposed to later. I dread moving but I also dread being cramped.

Rock & Roll celebrated their second birthday on Saturday with a day a Dutch Wonderland with my Mom and SIL and niece (my brother is frantically remodeling their bathroom before their new baby arrives) and MO2. We all had a great time! 2 already? Where did the time go?


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  1. It must be a bit of a mind bender – twins again. But just look at Rock and Roll and think of all those amazing twin moments. If anyone can do this – its you!! Congrats from your bloggie family 🙂

  2. I’ve come here by way of EBs post today. I can imagine how overwhelmed you were to get the new news that you ARE having twins. I read back a bit to see that you conceived through donated embryos. I am 17w pregnant with a singleton through donated embryos (anonymous, through my clinic).

    I will add you to my reader so that I can follow your journey. Much luck!

  3. I found you from EB’s blog. I have two-year old twins and just can’t imagine being pregnant with another set of twins. I am in awe of you. I know you can do it – people have done it before. Just stay strong.

  4. Thank you all for your kind replies to my post. It is nice to have new readers :). It makes me feel reassured that people are out there rooting for me! Thanks!

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