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Moving Along…


I can’t believe I’m almost 15 weeks….Wow, where has the time gone?

I apologize for my absence, there is a reason. In light our impending arrivals, we moved to a new house (2 streets away). We are now are the proud occupants of a massive 5 bedroom home on Post. However, in true military fashion, we only had 2 weeks notice about the house’s availability. If we chose not to accept it, we would be back to the bottom of the list. Typically, they don’t let you upgrade our housing until 7 months but since my DR wrote me a letter, we were able to move now.

The trick was, we only had 5 days to vacate our old house and get into the new one. Sadly,  I am spoiled. Typically when the government moves you, they send a packing team and a moving team. However, because we moved at OUR convenience, we had to do it all ourselves. I made MO2 hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting but the rest was and has been us. Oh my Lord! It is slow unpacking/organizing with toddler twins running around. By the time we get home from work, get dinner made, boys bathed and in bed, and the house picked up it is hard to find the motivation to unpack. However, we’ve been slowly pushing through at the rate of 2 or 3 boxes a night. I LOVE the new place. It has 4 big bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs and a full guest bedroom and bath downstairs. there are two living rooms; a formal one which is smaller and a large family room that I can see into from the kitchen. It also has a 2 car garage (which sadly is so full of stuff that we can’t get a car into right now). It is the biggest house I’ve ever lived in and the same price as my old one. Our housing is based on rank, not size 🙂

The bad thing is MO2 is going to school (mandated) from mid-September to November. I am in the process of trying to hire a Mother’s Helper (at the insistence of my parents) for weekday evenings while he is gone. it is going to be harder as I get bigger and less mobile. I wasn’t showing until recently when my stomach just popped out. However, I’m still in my regaular uniform (not the ugly maternity one) because I am wearing MO2’s pants! I will probably have to switch to maternity clothes soon but for now, most things still fit (I just look fat).

Babies seem to be moving around pretty well on u/s. I still have an u/s every two weeks. My gender scan is not until Sept 22 but since MO2 will be at school, my OB has been willing to attempt genders. Our Baby A is a girl!!!!!!! Baby B was modest and would not show us the goods.

Sending warm internet wishes to Loren who has her transfer tomorrow and tons of baby dust.