Monthly Archives: September 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls…


We are having 2 girls!

At least our DR is 95% sure. I have my fancy, schmancy¬†level 2 u/s tomorrow for a complete confirmation. I will also have a cervix check (last one was two weeks ago) and growth measurements. Like most people, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. This pregnancy, I am doing progesterone shots (back to that) once a week because apparently it is as effective as a cerclage.

I broke out the ugly maternity uniform. I’m 18 weeks. The other uniform fit but it made me look fat. The hospital commander has decided he wants us in dress blues every Monday. There is no way i’m spending $200.00 for a uniform I can only wear for 4 months! This way, there is no question I’m pregnant.

My Dr told me to only prepare to work about month to 6 weeks more. I was hoping to make it to December ,I have 4 students this semester.¬†We shall see. But so far, I feel great. GD is under control and I’ve gained 3 lbs so far. I am not a little girl.

Now names for my lovely ladies…that may be an issue. DH has proposed that he name one and I name the other with no veto rights. That scares me…what do you think?