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29 Weeks!


I am admittedly a very bad blogger…

I didn’t realize my last post was in September. Baby girls are doing very well and I’m an 29 weeks today. I still have gestational diabetes (taking metformin and testing sugars) and because of my cervical history, I do progesterone shots weekly but no bedrest and no limitations. I’ve gained 15 lbs this pregnancy and probably will end up gaining 25. Because of my history of preeclampsia, we are doing full panel blood and urine testing every two weeks so that if it starts early, we will catch it.  There’s not a lot that can be done to stop it, however.

I went on half days at work on 1 December and will be out on my self-imposed house arrest as of 1 January. My due date is mid-Feb and we are trying to make it to full term (36-37 weeks) with the little ladies. So my OB and I feel I would be best just incubating in January. Our goal is for these ladies to be full term. MO2 said something like, “next month, we’ll have babies in the house.” I told him to bite his tongue because I want them born in Feb! I feel huge but I am mostly belly and don’t look pregnant from behind except that I have the waddle. Luckily the military is down with that so if my OB orders it, it’s paid leave. We get 6 weeks paid maternity leave but I may end up taking 8 because I can combine it with my use or lose leave. I’m still planning to try to BF the girls so my plan is to line up a lactation consultant BEFORE they are born so we get started right away. I never made a tremendous amount of volume last time so I worry about rectifying this. We have names, too (that we both like an agree on).

Now onto the boys.

They are fabulous! We are potty training and they speak in full sentences. Roll told his teacher…”I have a little penis. Daddy has a big penis.” (Oh my). She said she could never look at MO2 the same way again. I had to bite my tongue and not say, “well it is all a matter of scale.” I had them alone for 11 weeks while MO2 was at a military school. We all survived.

Here is a recent photo of Rock and Roll at 28 months: Horseback riding is a favorite!

Angel_KIDSRock is on the horse, Roll is off to the side