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This One’s For Kathy


( thank you my friend for checking in with me)

Our princesses are here!

Sugar and Spice were born 1/1/13 at 1123 and 1124 at 32 weeks, 4 days.

They are tiny but healthy and hearty and hopefully will head home this weekend.

The delivery was an emergency C like last time. Once I turned 28 weeks my OB started biweekly blood draws to check for signs of pre-e. By 30 weeks, we watched my liver functions start to climb. However the girls were doing ok on their biweekly NSTs. My proteins remained the same until 31 weeks. I also developed choleostasis ( yuck the itching!) On New Year’s Eve I had a scheduled NST and I noticed my ankles were swelling and my BP was elevated ( although not super high). They sent me by ambulance to Bethesda ( the new Walter Reed). The Dr made the decision to deliver me the next day.

I had general anesthesia due to the hardware in my back so I can’t tell you much about the birth… I have no memory of it and MO2 wasn’t allowed in the OR.

But here are our gorgeous results: