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Divided Loyalties


Wow, 4 kids sure generates a lot of laundry!

I’m struggling with the decision to work at the present time because I’m forever catching up and am always so exhausted. I’m constantly behind on my chores and getting laundry done, folded and put away is a momentous task.

We have to be in so early in the morning that I have to wrestle the boys out of bed while they are still sleeping and cart them off to day care. It makes me feel guilty. Because of an incident at another post, there are no daycare slots available and so we do two day care stops every morning (first the girls at their day care and then the boys). It is a. lot. I’m never in on time, luckily in this region it is not expected so I only have to bust my butt when I have a patient.

Then when I get home, it is making dinner, feeding babies, putting kids to bed. I’m happy if I’m in bed with the house cleaned up and prepped for the next morning by 10. It is a miracle if I’m in bed by 1100 pm. Did I mention I get up at 0500? I have a house keeper that comes in once every two weeks and we cook at home every meal. Did I mention that I’m still pumping/BF 40% of the girls’ food.

When I look at this written out I think wow. No wonder I’m so tired. Going to work is actually a break.


Spring Greetings


The girls are truly a delight. They are growing well. Sugar is our tiny one at 9’4 and Spice weighs 10 lbs at 3 months. Both girls sleep through the night!!! ( I will tell you that I do nothing different than with the boys, it is just their constitution). Here are some Spring photos:

The brother sister photo is Rock and Spice