Monthly Archives: May 2011

Where Has the Time Gone?


It seems to be slipping by…

I am eagerly awaiting the results of my lieutenant colonel board due out at midnight. I have had some intel that my name is on the list, but I want to know what my number is.

Here is how promotions work in my service. Your name comes out on the list with a number. Every month, our Service announces which numbers are up for promotion that month. So hypothetically, let’s say my number is 43. The first month (May) they may promote people 1-16. Then those people have their promotions ceremonies (usually around the first of the month for maximum pay). Then in June they may promote numbers 17-25, etc… so you get the idea. The point is that you never know what month you will actually be allowed to pin on your rank (and get the pay) until the list comes out. When I was promoted to Major in 2005, I think the list of names came out in April but I didn’t pin the rank on (or receive the pay) until September. I seem to recall my number for Major was something like 65 out of 240. I have no idea what it will be tomorrow.

We shall see…