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Welcome to the World, Rock and Roll!


July surprise! Our sons; Rock and Roll were born at 4:14 pm and 4:16pm July 21st (exactly 33 weeks). They are now 1 week old. Rock weighed in a 5 lbs and 13 oz and Roll was 5 lbs, 2 oz. Both are still in the NICU getting bigger and stronger but at this point, we are extremely hopeful they will be home with us in 4-5 weeks. Both are doing well and have great fighting spirits. They are presently feeding on breast milk and formula through an ng tube. I’m pleased that they are doing well but we realize it will take time. We think of it as a “sneak preview” of our babies.

I developed HELP syndrome (severe pre-e without much warning) and they made the decision to deliver immediately. It was so quick that we didn’t have time to call anyone before the surgery, except our bosses. I am also so thankful that my husband was monitoring my symptoms (especially after I had been blown off at my monday NST) and made me get an appointment. I truly believe that his vigilance saved our lives because he noticed the miniscule changes that everyone else chalked up to twin pregnancy.

Once MO2 insisted I get seen and they ran labs, it was an hour after the labs came back and I was prepped for surgery. We didn’t have time to call anyone except for our collective bosses. We got the labs back at 2:30 and I was in surgery by 3:30. I didn’t even have time to freak out, although I wanted to. The picture above was taken after I heard their first cries, I was so relieved.
I delivered at the hospital where we work and I have to say that despite of the crummy events, my care since surgery has been excellent. I’m still pretty puffy but we are hoping the edema and GD will begin to dissipate. We love visiting with the boys and will start our collective maternity/paternity leave when they come home.


32 Week Update


C-Section scheduled!  19 August will be 37 weeks and 1 day and that is our magic date.

 I have to get through 5 more weeks and I am hoping, hoping that this goes fast as I am so exhausted and miserable. My eyes almost popped out of my head when he said, “well we could go to 38 weeks.” I was hoping for 36. BUT, I know that every second they are in me is better for them. I should go in on a thursday and come out on a Sunday if all goes well. I’ve been stocking up on nursing pjs and the horrifically large, multiples + my breast friend pillow. Even the name makes me cringe!

Both boys are head down but after two back surgeries and a myoectomy, I’m not going to risk a rupture with a vag delivery so C it is! I need to find a ticker for C-section count down. LOL!

I’m still struggling with gestational diabetes and had to add glyburide in the evening because my fasting blood sugar is high (the rest of the day is fine). I start non-stress tests twice a week until I deliver. somehow my OB does not think I will go into premature labor.

So that is the latest. Boys are kicking around and I pee every 2 hours at night. I think it is nature’s way of preppping me for twins!

Gestational Diabetes


31 weeks!

Yesterday I went to my first gestational diabetes (GD) class. I learned a great deal, especially the fact that we’ve been checking my blood sugar @ the wrong time. Apparently the biggest issue in GD is carbs, not sugars like I thought. I get 30 g of carbs in the am, 45 at lunch and 45 at dinner. In a way it is very similar to the South Beach diet only without the total restriction of carbs if that makes any sense. So far, I’ve been hitting my limits. The only hitch is that my fasting blood sugar tends to be higher than they want to see. I’m within normal limits for the rest of the day. I guess I will find out if I need to be on medication next week after my consultation.

I do have a lot of diabetic symptoms :(. I would say that the most annoying ones are the itchy skin (worse first thing in the morning and at bed time), frequent thirst and subsequently, frequent urination. Last night, I got up to pee 4 xs! Maybe it is nature’s way of prepping me for 3 hour feedings…LOL. I have found a nap to be helpful. Sadly yesterday, I went into the office at 1200 in preparation for my 1300 class and ended up staying until COB. The class was over 2 hours and then I went up to work on some major projects. So no nap for me!

In baby news, the boys continue to move around a lot, mostly in the morning and evening. They are always busy @ bedtime. Sometimes it is so strange to feel a recognizable body part poke through your belly. I can clearly feel Roll’s bottom and Rock’s legs. Sometimes they move so often, I have to pat them and speak to them to get them to calm down! We’ve started working on their nursery although we aren’t planning on setting up their crib until they are a couple of months old. Until then, they will sleep in their co-sleeper. It looks like we might be moving early than anticipated but we’re ok with that. We need a bigger house!

30 Week Update


30 weeks, I can’t believe it.

The boys are BIG. Baby A is 3lbs 12oz and B is 3lbs 8 oz. They are measuring at the 85% and 78% percentile for singletons. Their growth remains concordant which is great. Both are cephalic (still no vaginal delivery for me). They are pretty active so I wouldn’t be surprised if they continued to rock the uterus and change positions the last couple of weeks.

My cervix is shortening but not funneling. They find this to be normal as the boys get heavier. My cerclage is still holding.  I was given the first of two steroid shots in case of premature labor (not necessary but my OB is cautious). I’m carrying 7  lbs of baby, no wonder I’m tired.

 Bad news is I DO have gestational diabetes (borderline on 1 hr and 3 hour). Sadly, the diet can’t begin until Monday in earnest because the steroid shots mess up your sugars 🙂 I do have to go in tomorrow to get my second shot and pick up my glucometer. Then I have a bunch of classes to attend. Hopefully, all will continue to go well and I can hold steady until 36/37 weeks. I will schedule my C section @ the 32 week appt.

I’m holding up physically. No horrendous pain and only 1 really bad episode of reflux. I’m taking it really easy. I do have some edema in my hands and feet but if I keep them elevated, it seems to be ok. I move veerrryyy slowly these days. Of course it is the hottest summer in the SE  in 30 years but air conditioning is my friend.

So, I’ll just wait it out and keep these boys cooking. Bake babies bake.